How to Choose Automatic Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine

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Some of the best practices that users can follow when purchasing shrinking labeling equipment.

1. Focus on the heat shrinkage channel, synchronized attention to production:

The function of the right heat shrinkage channel is the key to long-term successful operation, heat shrinkage channel is not just in the conveyor belt to build the cover for heating. In fact, the heat shrinkage channel is a well-designed high-level device, each heat-shrinkable channel can be customized according to the unique packaging line environment and conditions.

In fact, the point-to-point comparison of the heating channels of different manufacturers based on technical parameters is almost unrealistic because the heat shrink process itself is very complex.

Let's look at the output again. In a particular equipment, we need a written document to verify the production and efficiency of the equipment in the process of evaluating the equipment. Compared to a production efficiency of 99.5% of the equipment and a production efficiency of 85% of the equipment, you will choose which equipment is no doubt. However, it should be noted that the efficiency of the production of equipment is more important than the order arrangement and priority consideration.

2. Always focus on packaging specifications and shapes:

For a particular heat-shrink label device, the shape and size of the package are two very important factors in the production process. For example, the shrinkage characteristics of the label film used for the side labeling container are completely inconsistent with the shrinkage characteristics of the film wrapped in the hourglass type package. Equipment suppliers in the design of the system, the container shape and specifications must be carefully considered.

In order to achieve the owner's lowest overall cost, the brand owner must determine whether the shape and specifications of the product package need to be improved over the next three to five years. If you need to make improvements, you need to communicate with the equipment supplier to provide enough information for their current system design to provide sufficient flexibility for future changes in the equipment.

3. Do not forget the material combination:

The combination of packaging materials will also affect the design of shrink label solutions. For example, glass cans have a stronger endothermic capacity than PET containers, and PET materials with different material components have different heat absorption capacity.

In order to make the packaging of the product more environmentally friendly and sustainable, the brand owner is carrying out the packaging of lightweight efforts, and enhance the use of recyclable materials.  These changes in the material may also affect the production process of shrink labels. Look at the next three to five years, imagine the composition of the packaging may change it You can work with the equipment manufacturer to increase the flexibility and flexibility of the device so that it can be applied to more types of packaging materials.

4. Remember the speed of the demand:

The speed of the production line affects the configuration of the adhesive and heat-shrinkable channels. You need to determine the maximum capacity of the upstream device for the adhesive and heat-shrinkable channels and determine the capacity and efficiency of the heat-shrink channel at this production rate.

The designer suggested a 20% redundancy for the design capacity of the heat shrinkable label, which could be used as a backup for the buffer. You also need to plan to set aside the capacity of the production line in a certain period of time (three to five years) to reduce the overall cost of ownership.

5. Carefully select the film material:

Each of the different shrink film materials (Such as PET-G, PLA polylactic acid material, PVC material), has its unique shrinkage characteristics. The parameters and costs of the film are only one of the primary considerations in the material selection process. At the expected production line speed to ensure that the film and packaging specifications, shape and strict match, is the heat shrinkage channel in the actual operating conditions of an important function.

For example, it is incorrect to assume that different shrink films have the same shrinkage effect. The dark film has a different heat absorption rate than that of a light-colored film, and the dark film has a faster endothermic rate. Of course, you may be the first to decide to use thin film materials, so please communicate with your equipment manufacturer and packaging material supplier to fully communicate with each other before deciding which film to use.

6. Purchase service contract:

Shrink sets are a class of processes that require strict compliance with precise parameters. You will need to invite a service specialist to regularly inspect the factory, adjust the production process, replace the damaged spare parts, and re-educate and train the operational staff so that they can reduce downtime and waste losses and ultimately increase production capacity.

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