4 In 1 Hot Filling Machine For Juice and Tea finished in Borun Machinery

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This 4 in 1 machine is designed for hot juice or tea washing filling capping machine. The first step is to wash plastic or glass bottles by disinfectant water, then wash again by pure water, after that the hot juice will be filled into bottles then capping. And it is also equipped with online cap steriller machine. 

We are able to supply whole production line for hot juice, if you are in the market for such machines, please contact with us for more information.

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automatic washing machine for bottles.jpgautomatic filling machine for juice.jpgautomatic screw capping machine for plastic bottles.jpg

        Washing heads                               Filling heads                              Capping heads 

Our main products list:

1. 1000-30000BPH Mineral / Pure Water Filling Production Line

2. 1000-18000BPH Carbonated / Soft Drinks Filling Line

3. 1000-20000BPH Juice / Tea Filling Production Line

4. 100-1200BPH 5 Gallon Jar Filling Packing Line

5. Aluminum / PET canning and Sealing Line For CSD, Juice, Energy Drinks, Beer

6. Glass Bottle Vodka / Wine Filling Line

7. Turkey Project For Water Treatment Plants

8. Edible/ Engine Oil Filling Line

9. Plastic Bottle Making Machines

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