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Workers from Borun Machinery always did a great job of production that really works for our needs. I am really appreciate they keeping on following me up all the time.
From Mr. Francis

Glad to cooperate with you, we trust on you and your company. 

From Mr. Nurmukhamedov
Thanks for your cooperation. Borun Service is very high level.

From Mr. Fozilov

Everything worked perfectly, the jobs are well done and exactly what i needed. 

From Mr. Mohamed

We deeply appreciated your assistance in helping us with good machines and wonderful service.
​From Mr.Abdullah

  • The working principle and advantages of reverse osmosis water treatment!

    Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation technique that uses pressure as a driving force by selecting a function of permeating (semi-transmissive) membrane. When the pressure applied in the system is greater than the osmotic pressure of the aqueous solution, the water molecules continuously permeate the membrane. The impurities flowing into the central tube through the product water channel and then flowing out of the water at one end, such as ions, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc., are trapped on the inlet side of the membrane, and then flow out at the outlet end of the concentrated water, thereby achieving the purpose of separation and purification. Read More

  • Reducing Total Package Oxygen from Beer

    The basics of a foaming device in beer bottling with heated, ultra-pure water Read More

  • Is There A Shelf Life For Bottled Water?

    We rely on the shelf life on the bag to determine whether the food can be safely eaten. Read More

  • Customer from South America Check Our Water Filling Line

    It's great hornor to meet with customers from South America discuss the whole water filling project face to face. We trust we can have a good cooperation. Read More


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