Complete Palm Oil Filling Capping Labeling Packaging Line Tested In Our Factory

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The Automatic Palm Oil Filling, Capping, Labeling and Packaging Production Line was well tested in our factory last week for our customers from South America.  

The 2 in 1 filling and capping machine has 32 filling heads and 8 capping heads, the capacity is more than 6000bph for 1L, the filling machine will connect to the automatic PET bottle blowing machine directly by air conveyors; after capping, the oil bottles will be send to the OPP hot glue labeling machine for labeling, and then print the manufacturer date by laser printer, after that, the bottles will go to the film packaging machine for packing: 12 bottles will be packed in one package which is eas for transport.

This filling machine is rotary type, we also have linear type machine with smaller capacity, welcome to contact us for more information.

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