Is There A Shelf Life For Bottled Water?

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  Is There A Shelf Life For Bottled Water?

We rely on the shelf life on the bag to determine whether the food can be safely eaten. Even if the appearance is not spoiled, many people will choose to lose the expired food, but things like water are not Will deteriorate, why is the packaging still printed with a shelf life?

Bottled water will be printed for the same period of time as other foods. One reason for the period is that plastic bottles containing water will leaching chemicals after a period of time. Although not necessarily harmful, the taste of the water will change and drink. It feels not so good.

New Jersey, USA, is also an area that requires manufacturers to print the shelf life on bottled water. This means that there are many benefits to the detailed labeling on the bottle. It can not only identify the source of the bottled water, but also the manufacturer. Time to recall the product in question.

In addition, it is important to note that the storage environment also affects the shelf life of bottled water. If you always put the water in a place where the temperature changes greatly, the water in the bottle will be affected and deteriorated, especially There will be places where the temperature is high for a long time. If you drink it often, it will damage your health.

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