What's The Difference Between CPA and ESPA Hydranautics RO Membrane?

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Reverse Osmosis Membrane is the most important components for RO water treatment system, this article will teach you how to choose the suitable membrane and what are the difference.

CPA series of low pressure high desalting reverse osmosis membrane components

CPA series of low pressure and high desalting reverse osmosis membrane elements have a very high desalination rate in the industrial reverse osmosis system with salt water desalination.

The CPA series is a low pressure and high desalination brackish water desalination film, which achieves high water flux and desalination rate at lower operating pressures. The desalination rate of CPA2 and CPA3-LD membrane elements is 99.7%, and no other brackish water desalination The properties of the reverse osmosis membrane elements can be compared to those of them.

CPA series membrane elements not only have a high desalination rate, and the removal of silica (SiO2) is also very effective. SiO2 is a lot of brackish water contains the ingredients, most of the system of SiO2 removal rate between 98-99.7%, under standard test conditions CPA series membrane element SiO2 removal rate is usually 99.7%.

CPA series of membrane components in addition to low-pressure high-yield water, but also to meet customer requirements for increasingly stringent water quality. Because of its durability, its performance in the long-term operation to maintain stability. CPA series of reverse osmosis membrane components are the best choice for deep well water treatment systems that require high water production and high desalination rates.

Conventional use of CPA reverse osmosis membrane components includes well water, surface water desalination, drinking water purification, pre-desalination in the ion exchange system, preparation of power plant boiler feed water, and ultrapure water preparation required for semiconductor manufacturing plants.

ESPA series of energy - saving ultra - low pressure reverse osmosis membrane components

As the reverse osmosis membrane in the work need to overcome the osmotic pressure, so high energy consumption has been the weakness of reverse osmosis technology. ESPA series of reverse osmosis membrane components can be prepared at a lower pressure to meet the requirements of desalination water, thus saving the reverse osmosis membrane system equipment investment (pumps, valves, pipelines and pressure vessels) and operating costs (power consumption and maintenance costs ).

ESPA series of ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane components can be applied to a variety of industrial water, municipal, light industry and drinking water, while in the municipal sewage treatment and reuse has also achieved results.

ESPA series and CPA series of reverse osmosis membrane comparison:

1, ESPA series than the CPA series has a higher than the water flux.

2, ESPA series required operating pressure lower than the CPA series.

3, ESPA series than the CPA series of lower energy consumption.

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