Three Factors Influence the Taste Of Water

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There are three factors that affect the taste of water, namely, carbonation, TDS value and PH value. Which the level of TDS value of the water taste the greatest impact, followed by carbonation, and PH value of the impact is minimal.


The carbonation of water is the dissolution of carbon dioxide therein, a process that increases the effervescence or activity of water by producing a dilute carbonic acid solution.

Carbonated water can also be called foam water, soda water or artificial mineral water, and in accordance with the degree of carbonation and its corresponding taste, water can also be divided into different foam levels.

TDS value

TDS is actually well explained that the higher the value of water, more electrolytes and minerals dissolved in the water, will taste more salty, some may be more acidic, more bitter, metallic taste heavier. The lower the value of the water, the more smooth, but if the value is too low, may taste a little bitter, like the soup did not like salt.

So TDS low water partial soft, high water taste more complex, it depends on the aquifer, geological and water to the length of time.

PH value

In the middle of the PH value area, 7 or so is difficult to taste the difference, but then there may be a little bit of subtle differences. If high to 8,9, there will be a very "slippery" feeling, which is typical of the taste of the base. But if you go down there may be acidic taste.

Carbonated water is often highly acidic, PH value of about 5 to 6, if you see a carbonated water is alkaline, then in general this is later caused by artificial. With the PH value is really related to the carbonation reaction, carbonated water PH value is very low.

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