Three Directions of Beverage Machinery Development

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The development of the beverage industry in a comprehensive factor on the one hand also led to the development of the national economy, in order to improve the living standards of the socialist people made due contributions to the diversity of beverage needs in the market environment, beverage machinery market will also be There is a new development.

The same time as Beverage market continued to break down, but also on the beverage machinery made more and higher requirements. Beverage machinery is used to manufacture a variety of beverage machinery and equipment, generally composed of many mechanical production lines processing a variety of beverages, such as water treatment equipment, washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine, sterilization equipment and so on. Beverage machines are produced along with the production of the beverage industry and are accompanied by the development of the soft drink industry.

Current status of the beverage market:

First, the beverage industry, the growth rate of health category within the stable, rather than poor performance of health category. As the current material rich, the level of consumer spending, consumers are increasingly concerned about health, so in terms of product consumption also tend to choose healthy drinks, such as drinking water, fruit and vegetable juice, vegetable protein drinks, herbal tea, sports drinks, High sugar content of carbonated drinks, tea drinks no longer as usual in the past. So, the domestic beverage market participants should follow the preferences of consumers to adjust the product, so as to stabilize the market.

Second, the health of healthy drink momentum is Sheng, the industry outside the participants continue to enter. Rock sugar, Sydney, herbal tea and so the emergence of the beverage industry to lead the health and health tide, and now companies have chosen the direction of this development. Such as the industry enterprises on the honey grapefruit tea, loquat Runfei tea development, the majority of foreign companies are pharmaceutical companies such as Tai Chi Group, Tian Sheng Pharmaceutical, the new drug and other intervention. Pharmaceutical companies to join the ranks of health and health drinks, with research and development, raw materials and other advantages, but the beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry from the competition to the terminal are different, pharmaceutical companies to enter in considering the prospects also need to consider the challenges.

Third, the beverage industry within the majority of the market structure of the basic pattern has been set to enter the higher threshold. Such as packaging and drinking water industry, Kangshifu, Nongfushangquan, Wahaha, China Resources four companies accounted for more than 70%; juice beverage industry, Master Kong, unified, Huiyuan, Coca-Cola four companies accounted for more than 60%; sports drinks industry Red Bull is a Dominance. In the basic pattern of the market has been set within the category, the new entrants want to achieve some success, quite difficult. In this way, it is better to create a new product category, so or can break a piece of heaven and earth.

At present, the domestic beverage machinery presents three major development trends:

1. Higher Capacity

This can reduce the cost of goods to meet the delivery time. High-speed packaging machine needs to be associated with the previous process to be linked, without the need to transport links, including control of the connection, the entire production line according to the production and packaging process to be ordered to start reverse order. Such as cold filling production line from the plastic raw materials automatically on the line to the beverage filling, large packaging pallet all automatically in the closed workshop.

2. More Flexible

Packaging machinery to have a high flexibility and flexibility, production line promised in a certain range of standard packaging size can be changed. Because the product life cycle is much shorter than the equipment life, change the goods and packaging will not exchange valuable packaging production line.

3. Automatic Identification Function

On the one hand can automatically identify the thickness of the packaging materials, hardness, rebound, etc., through the computer response to the robot to adjust the action rugged, to ensure that no rebound. On the other hand, a variety of different goods, such as the shape of the chocolate or snacks, etc., into the same box, the placement is rules. Production line of goods is disordered, can be used to scan the probe to determine the shape of the material is not the same position, and then react to a different robot, it will be accurate to the items in the exact orientation and direction into the tray, fast and Quasi-clean the manual operation of the visual and finger fatigue.

Borun Machinery always committed to improve the machine quality, adjsut the machine structure, timely research and development to find new products breakthrough. Recognize the development trend of the beverage industry and targeted to make competitive strategies or the introduction of new products can help companies more smoothly and freely respond to the market.

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