Mineral Water Or Not? --The Things You Should Know.

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Natural minerals on the body's role and benefits Mineral water contains beneficial substances are the following:

Polycyclic acid - metasilicic acid has a softening effect on human aortic hardening, heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, neurological disorders, stomach and gastric ulcer have a certain health effects, and has anti-cancer anti-aging function The The lack of silicic acid in the human body will lead to the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Strontium - strontium is essential for the human trace elements, but the content is very small. Strontium and cardiovascular function and structure; strontium in the human body has strong bones, the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease effect; the lack of strontium body will hinder the metabolism, resulting in abnormal teeth and bone development and other symptoms.

Calcium-calcium is an essential element of the composition of human bones, which plays a major role in controlling the growth and development of adolescents. Calcium content of water hardness, hardness and cardiovascular incidence, often drink calcium water can enhance myocardial activity.

Magnesium-magnesium is a catalyst that promotes the formation of various enzymes in the body and has a strong sedative effect. It is reported that magnesium deficiency can lead to esophageal cancer.

Sodium - sodium is an indispensable part of the human body, it plays an important role in maintaining cell system and regulating water and salt balance. Sodium is an indispensable element in regulating cardiovascular function and improving digestive system function.

Selenium - selenium can stimulate the production of immunoglobulins and antibodies, enhance body fluids and cellular immunity, with anti - cancer effect. Selenium also antioxidant, so that the body oxide deoxidation, with detoxification, can resist and reduce mercury, cadmium, arsenic toxicity, improve vision.

Iron - iron is essential for transporting and exchanging oxygen in human blood. Human iron deficiency occurs in small cell anemia, decreased immune function and metabolic disorders.

Zinc - Zinc can promote growth and development, is more important for infants; can enhance the body immunity and sexual function; can enhance the regeneration of traumatic tissue, wound healing and surgical site to speed up; make skin more fit, make people more intelligent ; Can improve the taste to enhance appetite.

Iodine-iodine has an important physiological role in promoting protein synthesis, activating a variety of enzymes, regulating energy conversion, accelerating growth and development, promoting wound healing, and maintaining normal metabolism. Human iodine deficiency causes thyroid enlargement development stagnation, dementia and other symptoms.

Fluorine-Fluoride is an indispensable element in the formation of hard bones and teeth, in the form of calcium fluoride, plays an important role in the healthy growth of bones and teeth. Fluoride can cause tooth decay.

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