How to Clean the Reverse Osmosis Membrane?

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Factors such as pressure, temperature, recovery, influent salt content and pH value in the operation of the reverse osmosis membrane system will affect the parameters of the water production and permeation rate of the reverse osmosis membrane system. And through these parameters can show the performance of reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis water types: surface water, groundwater, municipal water and industrial wastewater, water composition is very complex.

Cleaning conditions:

Membrane system In normal operation, the membrane in the reverse osmosis element is contaminated by inorganic salts, microbes, colloidal particles and insoluble organic substances. These contaminants will be deposited on the membrane surface, resulting in a standardized effluent flow and a system desalination rate that decreases or simultaneously deteriorates. If it is found that the standardized water production is reduced by more than 10%, it is necessary to clean the membrane element when the standardized pressure difference between the influent and concentrated water is increased by 15% or the standardized salt rate is increased by more than 5%. The standardized comparison conditions described above are taken from the operating performance of the system after the first 48 hours of operation.

Reverse osmosis membrane cleaning method:

Generally divided into two kinds, physical cleaning (washing) and chemical cleaning (drug cleaning). Flushing is not to change the nature of the pollutant, with the force to remove contaminants from the membrane element, to restore the performance of membrane components. Chemical cleaning using the appropriate chemical, change the composition or properties of pollutants, to restore the performance of membrane components. When using any cleaning chemicals, you must follow the approved safety practices.

Please consult your chemical manufacturer for details on chemical safety, methods of use and disposal. When preparing the cleaning solution, make sure that all the cleaning chemicals are well dissolved and mixed before entering the component cycle. After cleaning the chemicals and membrane elements, the membrane element should be rinsed with high quality (water level> 20 ° C).

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