EFBW | Mineral Water Positive to Obesity Prevention?

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(EFBW = European Federation of Bottled Waters) takes advantage of this opportunity to raise public awareness of the importance of water for obesity prevention, as evidenced by the adoption of the European Obesity Day (May 21), according to the China Beverage Industry Network. Played a positive role.


"Improving people's drinking habits has a great contribution to improving the healthy lifestyle of the public, and the water will play a very important role in the context of global obesity," said Laurent Le Bellego, president of the European Association of Bottled Water. Natural mineral water, mineral water is a very important source of water for the human body because they are zero - calorie, sugar - free and have not been chemically treated.

"Water is our body is an important nutrient element.Every cell needs to rely on water to be able to play a correct role.Adjusted adult weight 60% is composed of water.Therefore, water is our most important nutrients, It is the essence of life, no water, people can not survive.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA = European Food Safety Authority) pointed out that water helps to maintain normal physical and cognitive function and normal body temperature regulation. Based on the EFSA scientific point of view of water dietary reference, women should drink 1.6 liters of water a day, while men should drink 2.0 liters a day. Although from other food and drink, people can also add water, but mineral water is the most healthy way to replenish water.

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However, the available data indicate that, with reference to the recommended food intake of the European Food Safety Authority, the European drinking water is far from enough. Therefore, the European Association of bottled water manufacturer and its members regularly carry out professional drinking water activities, to improve the European public awareness of the importance of drinking water, encourage people to drink more water.

"Nutritional policies and education play an important role in this regard.Therefore, federal policymakers and regulators should adopt a national guideline to encourage and promote healthy drinking water," Europe Jean-Pierre Deffis, chairman of the bottled water association, continued.

In China, China Water Health Nutrition Society also introduced, mineral water is the best medicine, it seems that both in Europe and in the country, healthy drinking water is already a consensus.

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