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We use top quality Hydranautics or Dow brand RO membrane for our Reverse Osmosis System, equipped with online TDS and PH meter.

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Model: 500L-60000L/hr
Brand: BORUN
Code: 8421219990
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The key part of Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System is reverse osmosis membranes that is from the America, it has a good performance to eliminate salts and the high pressure pump is from a high quality pump producer in China, it's easy to handle for its simple structure. The source water, in the case that the conductivity is less than 500us/CM, can reach the national standards totally after treatment by this device, it's the most ideal equipment for water treatment.

Functions of Reverse Osmosis System:

RO membrane:reverse osmosis selected Dow or HYDRANAUTICS aromatic polyamide membrane and supporting material of glass fiber reinforced plastic pressure vessels dedicated RO membrane element 30, sub-6 installed in pressure vessel, the installation water production quantity is 30.0m3/h , water recovery rate is 70%, desalination rate is 97%.

High-pressure pump: provide power to reverse osmosis, use multi-level Vertical pump.

RO protect system: set up pressure switch on inlet and outlet of the high-pressure pump.
When the pressure of the inlet is lower then the limit value (water scarcity≤0.05Mpa) or the pressure of the outlet is higher than limit value(P≥1.8Mpa),the pressure switch send signals to the control system and alarm, high-pressure pump stop running automatically, to ensure the safety of the RO system. The high-pressure pump is equipped with valve; the reverse osmosis membrane can lift pressure slowly, to avoid the damage of high-pressure water impact. RO concentrated water end set electrically operated valve, used when low-pressure rinsing. There will be auto low-pressure rinsing 10-20min when RO system stops running, to avoid deposition and fouling on the membrane surface. Regular low-pressure large flow auto cleaning of reverse osmosis system.

Display: RO water product quantity display online.

System control: The system use centralized control method (auto and manual two statuses).There is a process control box, operation status is clear. Each tank's liquid level.


* We will recommend the right membrane model according to customer's raw water report such as TDS, heavey metal content, etc.

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