Automatic PE Film Shrink Packing Machine (WD-150A) Automatic PE Film Shrink Packing Machine (WD-150A)

Our automatic PE Film Shrink Packing Machine suitable for pop cans, glass bottles and plastic bottled water, packed by PE film tight and orderly.

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Model: WD-150A
Brand: BORUN
Code: 842240000
  • Product Description

This automatic film shrink wrapping machine is suitable for pop cans, glass bottles and plastic bottled water, packed by PE film tight and orderly. And we have both stainless steel and Teflon mesh net for optional.

Technical parameters

·Equipment type: WD-150A

·Outline dimension of the equipment:L5050*W3300*H2100mm

·The largest dimension of the wrappage:L600*W400*H350mm

·Material of shrink film:PE,PVC

·Thickness of shrink film:0.03-0.15mm

·The highest temperature of the heat shrink furnace: 160-260 

Can adjust free will.

·The maximum production per minute:0-12 packages

·Equipment capacity: 20Kw

·Actual power consumption:15Kw/hour

·Pressure request:220V

·Equipment weight:1.2T

·Machine required air pressure of the compressor:0.6-0.8Mpa



1. Frequency control, Secondary bottle transport device.

2. The whole set which are push bottle, heat sealing cutting adopt pneumatic structure.

3. Inductive switch control film length.

4. Touch screen, PLC control system advanced reliability of the equipment function.

5. Circular wind machine, resuare well-proportioned temperature of the shrink furnace.

6. Strong cooling system can reassure finalize the design quickly.

7. Heat-fast Teflon transport net, transport steady, high strength and stand wear and tear.

8. Frequency conversion timing net transportation structure.

9. The height of the conveyor belt can be made according to the user, adjustable range±50mm.

10. Bottle transport machine can satisfy the direction of the user, it can prolong and shorten.

11. Pterygoid stainless iron heating system, durability.

12. Satisfy the bear storage rack device of the short duration for the product; assure consecutive work for the production line.

Technical Parameters:



External dimension(mm)


Shrink tunnel size(mm)


Host machine packaging size(mm)


Shrinking  tunnel packaging size(mm)


Max.  Size of the package


Production  speed


Conveyor  belt width



380V,   3PH, 20KW

Air  pressure


Technical requirement and request:

1.    Packing terms:

(1)350/500/550/600ML large package: 4*6, 4*5

                                     Small package: 3*4, 3*5

(2)1L/1.5L/2L/2.5L   large package:3*3,3*4

                                Small Package:2*2,2*3

2.    For the pop can packing ,we advise packing with pallet,it will be steady.

3.    Packing speed:8-15 bundles/minute

4.    Satisfy the speed of the liquid filling machine.

   (1)350/500/550/600ML large package :4*6, 4*5, (12000-15000 bottles/hour)

                                  Small package:2*3,2*2(3000-4000bottles/hour).

5. Material of packing: the width of PE heat shrink film (200-600mm), thickness (0.08-0.12mm)

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