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Industry News

  • Reducing Total Package Oxygen from Beer

    The basics of a foaming device in beer bottling with heated, ultra-pure water

  • Is There A Shelf Life For Bottled Water?

    We rely on the shelf life on the bag to determine whether the food can be safely eaten.

  • The working principle and advantages of reverse osmosis water treatment!

    Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation technique that uses pressure as a driving force by selecting a function of permeating (semi-transmissive) membrane. When the pressure applied in the system is greater than the osmotic pressure of the aqueous solution, the water molecules continuously permeate the membrane. The impurities flowing into the central tube through the product water channel and then flowing out of the water at one end, such as ions, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc., are trapped on the inlet side of the membrane, and then flow out at the outlet end of the concentrated water, thereby achieving the purpose of separation and purification.

  • What’s the difference for Natural mineral water, spring water, or prepared water?

    These three different types of plain water are defined by their intrinsic characteristics: origin, consistency, composition, protection and treatment.

  • Three Factors Influence the Taste Of Water

    There are three factors that affect the taste of water, namely, carbonation, TDS value and PH value.

  • How to Choose Automatic Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine

    Some of the best practices that users can follow when purchasing shrinking labeling equipment.1. Focus on the heat shrinkage channel, synchronized attention to productionThe function of the right heat shrinkage channel is the key to long-term successful operation, heat shrinkage channel is not just


    SINGLE STAGE BLOW MOLDING MACHINEWhile PET bottle development was proceeding in the US, a large manufacturer of injection molding machines in Japan, was leading a project to develop a machine to make biaxially oriented PP (polypropylene) containers. They recognized that the prototype machine could b

  • EFBW | Mineral Water Positive to Obesity Prevention?

    (EFBW = European Federation of Bottled Waters) takes advantage of this opportunity to raise public awareness of the importance of water for obesity prevention, as evidenced by the adoption of the European Obesity Day (May 21), according to the China Beverage Industry Network. Played a positive role.

  • How To Choose The Right Bottled Mineral Water?

    Drinking Water is very important to humans, it relates to our health. So it's useful to know how to choose the right bottled water.

  • Mineral Water Or Not? --The Things You Should Know.

    Natural minerals on the body's role and benefits Mineral water contains beneficial substances which you should know.



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