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Home » Products » Labeling Machine » Fully Automatic Adhesive Drink Bottle Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine
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Fully Automatic Adhesive Drink Bottle Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

The Hot Melt Labeling Machine is a new device. Suitable for all kinds of mineral water, yogurt, beverages, milk and other PET, PP, PE bottles attached round the week. Roll feed for the OPP, paper, paper-plastic film.


Principle of Operation:

1 A feed roller, the speed of which is adapted to suit the label length, continually pulls the label web from the reel. 
2 The label web guider, which is installed as standard, is responsible for ensuring that the label web is pulled straight. 
3 In the cutting unit, the labels are precisely cut while a computer and servo-motor provide an exact cut-off point.
4 Two narrow strips of hotmelt, which are applied by a heated glue roller to the leading and trailing label edges, glue the labels together. 
5 The hotmelt strip applied to the leading label edge ensures a precise and positive transfer onto the rotating container.
6 This glue strip ensures that the label is positioned precisely and glued correctly. 
7 As the container is rotating while the label is being applied, the label is stretched to fit smoothly.
8 When the trailing edge is glued down, the secure bond is complete.

 opp bottle melt glue labeling machine

Technical parameters:

 Main Motor Power:2.2KW
Main Motor Brand:OMITER
Servo Motor:Schneider 1.5Kw
PLC Moudle:Schneider
Transducer:SICK Schneider
Machine Power:8Kw
Available Bottle Type:Round bottle:Φ40-105mm, Height:80-350mm
Label Specification:Length:125-320mm, Height:20-150mm
Capacity:12,000B/H(500ml bottle)
Glue Comsumption:1 kg/ 100,000bolttle (label height:50mm)
Compressed Air Pressure:MIN5.0bar  MAX8.0bar
Comsuption of Compressed Air:0.2M³/minute
Total Weight:2500Kg
Overall Dimension:L=3150  W=1770  H=1800


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