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  • Three Factors Influence the Taste Of Water

    There are three factors that affect the taste of water, namely, carbonation, TDS value and PH value.

  • Automatic Mineral Water Filling Machine For 250ml Plastic Bottles

    CGF60-60-15 plastic bottle mineral water washing filling capping machine is now under processing in our factory, the machine will be finished and tested at the end of September, if you are interested in such machines, welcome to visit us to see the machine running.

  • 4 In 1 Hot Filling Machine For Juice and Tea finished in Borun Machinery

    This 4 in 1 machine is designed for hot juice or tea washing filling capping machine. It is suitable for plastic PET bottles and glass bottles. The machine is controlled by PLC.

  • How to Choose Automatic Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine

    Some of the best practices that users can follow when purchasing shrinking labeling equipment.1. Focus on the heat shrinkage channel, synchronized attention to productionThe function of the right heat shrinkage channel is the key to long-term successful operation, heat shrinkage channel is not just


    SINGLE STAGE BLOW MOLDING MACHINEWhile PET bottle development was proceeding in the US, a large manufacturer of injection molding machines in Japan, was leading a project to develop a machine to make biaxially oriented PP (polypropylene) containers. They recognized that the prototype machine could b

  • Automatic Water Bottle Filling Machine Shipped to Korea

    Customer from Korea ordered CGF16-12-6 automatic water bottle filling machine from Borun Machinery, and we packed the machines by wooden cases and send by LCL.

  • EFBW | Mineral Water Positive to Obesity Prevention?

    (EFBW = European Federation of Bottled Waters) takes advantage of this opportunity to raise public awareness of the importance of water for obesity prevention, as evidenced by the adoption of the European Obesity Day (May 21), according to the China Beverage Industry Network. Played a positive role.

  • Borun Machinery New Website Is Online Now

    Borun Machinery has been built on the back of many years processing experience on beverage industry with a simple philosophy that has not changed despite our technological advances, which is to provide the best customer service and value in the market.

  • How To Choose The Right Bottled Mineral Water?

    Drinking Water is very important to humans, it relates to our health. So it's useful to know how to choose the right bottled water.

  • Mineral Water Or Not? --The Things You Should Know.

    Natural minerals on the body's role and benefits Mineral water contains beneficial substances which you should know.



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