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How to Label Plastic Bottles By Manual?

Semi Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

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It is to show how to label the plastic bottles by manual, it is widely used for water filling production line and other beverage filling line.  The system is consist of a labeling table, a shrink tunnel and a steam generator.  Workers standing on both sides of the labeling table to put labels on bottle body by hand, then conveying to the shrink tunnel shrinking by steam.

Automatic PET Bottle Juice Filling Production Line

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The video shows the processing for plastic pet bottles hot filling for juice liquid. The filling temperature is around 85℃. The machine combines juice bottle washing, filling and capping 3 in 1 machine which is controlled by Simens PLC.

Plastic Bottled Mineral Water Filling Machine Video

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It is CGF40-40-12 monoblock combined water bottle rinsing, filling and capping in one unit, and controlled by SIMENS PLC and touch screen. The line is suitable for plastic PET bottles from 200ml to 2L. And the capacity is about 18000bph based on 500ml bottle. Besides, we also have water treatment plant, labeling machine, packing machine and bottle blowing machine for a turnkey water bottling production line.

600BPH 5 Gallon Barreled Water Filling Packing Line

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The video shows the whole production line of how to fill the mineral water into 5 gallon barrel (20Liters), it including decapping machine, leakage inspecting machine, brush washing machine, washing, filling capping machine. The capacity is able to meet 600bottles per hour for this production line.

Glass Bottled Beer Filling and Capping Machine Processing

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From this video you will see how the beer washing filling capping 3 in 1 machine working, the empty glass bottles are feed by a feeding screw, then rinsing the bottles, filling beer into bottles and at last capping by crown cap. The machine in the video is 18heads with the capacity of 5000bph based on 500ml bottle. It is controlled by Simens PLC.


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